We were in Paris for two weeks mainly for our friend’s wedding but we had more than enough time to do a little bit of everything.

Our first day we wanted to check out the Louvre. Due to our late start to the day, we had to wait on a long line which reminded us of a high school favorite movie, Euro Trip. The line moved surprisingly fast though and it took around a half hour to get inside. We took our time visiting each of the three wings and of course stopped to see Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.


Another day we biked to D’Orsay Museum and enjoyed the many abstract paintings, especially Monet’s famous works. We studied his art years ago in textbooks but it was even more beautiful in real life.


Later in the evening, we continued our bike ride to Champs Élysées for dinner and enjoyed the view of the shimmering Eiffel Tower that sparkles the first five minutes of every hour.


A picnic brunch at the park can be a really easy budget meal considering the abundance of fresh, inexpensive bread. Have you seen his baguette?


Shopping sprees were tons of fun but we didn’t do as much damage as it appears, those bags are full of pastries.


Le Marais is a great neighborhood for thrift shopping. Parisians are highly fashionable and last season’s clothes have to go somewhere so you may just get lucky like we did with a Yves Saint Lauren silk bowtie.

As a present for the lovely couple, many of their friends got together at the Place de la Concorde to re-create the “Friends” intro theme song as a surprise video at their wedding. Even though it was cold, everyone jumped into the fountain with excitement and made an incredibly memorable night.

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