Byron Bay


Byron Bay is a small beach town with a hippie atmosphere and surfing culture.

The water can be very cold for swimming, so we spent the weekend relaxing on the beach. There are many beaches in Byron and some of them can be very rough for swimming, our favorite beach was Wategos which is nicer beaches and less crowded than some of the others and has free parking.


In nearby Lennox Head, you can swim in the orange water of Lake Ainsworth which is a natural tea tree oil lake caused by the oil which seeps in from the surrounding tea trees. Tea tree oil has many benefits and is known as a natural healer to cure many skin infections and wounds.


One of our favorite dinners was at The Tree House which has live music most nights. The food was delicious, but the memorable experience was due to the ferocious storm which hit right as we got our meals. We realized it was serious when a frog came flying off of the roof and landed next to our table to find cover.

To keep dry and under cover, we decided to stay for a while but as soon as we were about to order dessert, a massive lighting/thunder strike shut down the power of the whole are. All the diners huddled inside by candle light and we hung out and had some wine. We tried to wait out the heavy storm, but it wasn’t subsiding so we decided to make a dash for it. Thank goodness we left when we did as our car was sitting in a pool of water that was quickly approaching flooding levels. We slowly drove back to the house we were staying at with no damage and a win against the Australian wilderness under our belts.


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