Snorkling the Great Barrier Reef

North Queensland is one of the best places to access the famous Great Barrier Reef (“GBR”). We decided to head out from Port Douglas which is the best place to get to the continental shelf which is essentially the part of the ocean where the continent of Australia ends and the water gets extremely deep. The closer to the shelf, the more diverse the marine life is. We visited three different sites which were each the habitat for different types of fish. There is a spectacular world under the sea filled with colorful coral and fish. We spotted black and orange tiger fish, unicorn fish, barracudas and orange striped Nemo clown fish as well as many others. Our trip even included a marine biology lesson as to why the movie Finding Nemo was inaccurate because when Nemo’s mother died, his father in real life would have changed sexes to a female as male clown fish do in the wild.


We spent our evening at the Cairns esplanade which is a recreational area with an immaculate lagoon, a beach like pool, and a great picnic area with BBQs where we made our dinner. Rona enjoyed an energetic 50+ person aquatic Zumba class which is offered free to the public along with other exercise classes throughout the week.



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