Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay, on the North Island, is a big wine producing region. Napier, the main city in the area, is known for its Art-Deco buildings which were built about 100 years ago to be a cute getaway spot for Aucklanders.


The Hawke’s Bay wine region has an excellent network of bike paths which make cycling through the vineyards a perfect activity. After an extensive tasting of every single wine at Hawke’s Ridge, we picked our favorite bottle and drank it with our picnic lunch.


We planned to make it to two wineries in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the end, we only made it to two in total because one of us is a lightweight.

20140215-180041.jpgThat marked the end of our tastings as we slowly and clumsily made our way back to return our rental bikes to the shop. We didn’t make it to all the wineries we intended, but the moral of the story is wine tastings are so much better when no one has to drive after!


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