Dunedin was one of our stops on our way up the South Island’s east coast. The city is very student oriented as it is the home to New Zealand’s first university and has become a bit of a startup hub. Most of the beauty lies in the suburbs though. We head out to an area called Sandymount for a long walking trail to Lover’s Leap and Sandfly Bay.


The trail is a few kilometers long and leads through private farmland.

20140215-181841.jpgThere are clear markings indicating the path you are supposed to stay on, so we weren’t so worried about one of the farmers coming out with his shotgun to chase us away.

The path was littered with hundreds of sheep and thousands of piles of sheep droppings.

20140215-181933.jpgOutside of a petting zoo, we had never really been so up close to sheep. In New Zealand, there are five sheep for every one person so you get used to it, but you kind of feel like a biblical shepherd when you are walking alone with so many of them.


When we made it to Lover’s Leap, we understood the name. The spot is a wooden viewing platform built over a 300 meter cliff. From the platform you get to see the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean set against the green mountains and valleys, quite dramatic.

20140215-182005.jpgWe then made our way down to Sandfly Bay which gets its name from, you guessed it, the sandflies which bite you as you walk through the dunes to the ocean. We covered up our arms and legs to walk to the beach and made it down bite free.


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