Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island. We’ve heard it was once a bustling city, but now it seems like a giant construction site. Between 2010-2012, there were four major earthquakes in Christchurch. According to the NZ Earthquake Commission, there were actually 4,423 earthquakes including aftershocks. Over 1000 buildings in the downtown area were either destroyed during the quakes or demolished because of structural damage.

Over one-third of the buildings in Christchurch were gone and it showed, however, the silver lining in it all is that a movement of creative optimists have designed unique outdoor recreation and eating areas for the remaining downtown workers.

20140215-162036.jpgWe stumbled upon a circle of food trucks serving all types of foods which customers then ate in a cafeteria made of shipping and construction leftovers. We spoke to one of the vendors to get a little more info about the project and found out that we were standing on the former site of the Crowne Plaza.

20140215-162016.jpgChristchurch, for now, doesn’t have much to offer for tourists, but we were glad we visited to understand the impact of the earthquakes with our own eyes.



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