Water Temple

After one week in a Balinese village, we left for Seminyak which is a beach vacation spot. Along the way, we stopped at Tampaksiring, the famous water temple, where Balinese people immerse themselves in the water to pray, make wishes and offerings.


Danny on line at Tampaksiring temple.

After making an offering, you dip your head under each of the fountains, except the 11th which is reserved for ancestors.

20140224-230940.jpgWe also made a stop to try some Kopi Luwak, weasel coffee, which has become extremely popular since it appeared in the movie The Bucket List. In short, weasels eat coffee fruit off the tree and the undigested coffee beans from their feces is extracted and roasted. Something in the weasel’s digestive tract is said to improve the flavor of the beans that are considered by some as the best coffee in the world.

20140224-232427.jpg We visited a plantation and tried out grinding and roasting the coffee beans.

20140224-233339.jpg Finally, we had a tasting of various coffees compared with the famous Luwak Kopi, not worth the price tag in our opinion but happy to cross it off our bucket list.



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