Lombok is Bali’s less visited neighbor island. With flights available for around $40-50 round trip, we decided to visit. Lombok is way less developed than Bali. It is very impoverished, but is beginning a bit of a tourism industry of its own.


Women carrying piles of bricks on their head to load a boat.


Learning the traditional weaving technique for clothing and scarves.


Dressed in customary bride and groom wedding attire.

During a tour of a traditional village, we heard loud music and followed our ears to find ourselves amongst 100 villagers dancing. We happened to stop by during some sort of celebration and because tourists are unusual there, they pulled Rona to the middle to dance with them.

20140225-205425.jpgWe stayed at a guest house which was also a cooking school. It was a cute property owned by a Swiss/Indonesian couple who met in Zurich. We really enjoyed learning Indonesian recipes, cooking with coconut oil and using super fresh ingredients.



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