Luang Prabang


20140308-203730.jpg Luang Prabang is a romantic town with French influence and a baguette and coffee culture.

20140308-203812.jpg There are bubbling hot pots of pho on every corner.


We met some local college students and played a game “boon”, kind of like bocce ball.


Big Brother Mouse is a community center founded in Luang Prabang to increase reading rates amongst Lao school children. We spent an afternoon with a group of kids practicing English and asking each other about our cultures.


We started our last day before sunrise to take part in Tak Bat, the daily alms giving ceremony where Buddhist monks walk from their monastary into the town to collect their food for the day donated by the locals.

20140308-204553.jpg It is an incredible sight to see villagers rising early with their weaved bowl in hand, usually containing rice, kneeling on mats humbly as lines of monks pass by gathering what ever they are given.



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