We’ll get there in Laos time!

We took a tuktuk to a station full of minivans and as soon as the van was completely full, the driver banged the trunk a few times to close it, we buckled up (just kidding there are no seat belts) and we were off to Phonsavan.

20140308-210148.jpg The four hour trip they promised us at the travel agency turned into six. That was mainly because we made a couple extra stops. Our first planned stop was lunch, the first leg of our journey went smoothly. The second leg is when it got interesting. We first pulled over suddenly for a baby to pee. Then after an extremely windy stretch of road, we pulled over so two adult passengers and the baby could vomit, plus it was a nice chance to air out the car.

As we continued the trip, the driver had a few personal errands to run so we were obviously along for the ride. We stopped to buy a live duck and the driver put it in a bag tied to the roof with an airhole.


The duck we picked up sitting in the top left corner of the van.

An hour later, we stopped to sell the duck in exchange for cash and a giant bag of lettuce which was tied up to the roof. The final delay was for a family of buffaloes to slowly cross the road and then we finally arrived.

The next morning we visited the Plain of Jars, a historic site dating back 4000 years ago.


20140308-210305.jpg The jars are believed to be ancient burial urns. There are three separate sites to visit, each representing a different socio-economic class which can be determined based on the the type of stone used for the jar.


First site of jars.

The jars were created as graves to store dead bodies of family members until only the bones remained which were then buried. If you can handle the journey, you’ll get to see the Plain of Jars in Laos time!


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