Ever After Tips

General Travel Tips

E.A.T # 1) Bring your student ID if you are under 26. Tons of places in Europe give student discounts including museums, public transportation and tour companies.

E.A.T # 2) Helpful Apps: Airbnb, Any language dictionary (which will work without wifi), Couchsurfing, Trip Advisor city guide ( you get access to a map and no need for data plan), Trip Advisor

E.A.T #3) Many ticket machines which accept credit card in Europe require a pin code. We hopped on the internet and learned that we could also get a nifty EMV credit card with a pin code that comes in handy at automated ticket machines all over Europe.
Ask us if you want to know how to get one.


E.A.T #1) Mandatory Reservations- There are many delicious restaurants with great food if you do the research but will require reservations. Try to call for a reservation but if that doesn’t work than do a walk in for lunch. It’s worked for us a few times and have been our favorite meals.

E.A.T #2) Tour Discouts- Google discounts for tours and tourists services. We took a bike tour through Tuscany and after looking ino a few bike tours to compare pries, there really wasn’t much of a difference so there was no leverage to negotiate a discount. They were all between 75-85 euros so we googled a coupon code for a Tuscany bike tour and got the same thing for 65.

E.A.T # 3) There are three types of restaurants in Italy which range in costs; Restaurant (Formal and high-priced), Trattoria (medium- priced) and Osteria ( most informal, lower cost) which serves tasty inexpensive food and you get the “best bang for your buck”.

E.A.T#3) Aperitivo is an Italian tradition of a pre-dinner drink from 6pm to 9pm. Italian bars serve a variety of finger food and snacks during this time. This is very popular in cities especially with a large student population where you could eat an actual meal with your drink.

E.A.T #4) Water – Drinking tap water isn’t as common in Italy but you can save money by filling up a bottle at the spring water drinking fountains also known as “nasoni” (nose) because it resembles a nose are placed throughout the cities of Italy.

E.A.T#5) Museum Tickets- Booking museums can be booked ahead of time to skip the line which can save at least an hour of your day.

E.A.T #6) Sightseeing tours in Amalfi – If you buy a city ticket to travel within towns in Amalfi, your entitled to one ride on the sightseeing tour bus, an open roof bus with a short audio tour and an enjoyable ride overlooking the cost, between Amalfi and Ravello. If you are riding to Ravello, sit on the left side of the bus for the best view and on the right side if you are coming from Ravello.

E.A.T #7) Milano city bikes – Rent a city bike which allows you 30 minute bike rides over 24 hours for 2.5 Euros. We suggest visiting the Arc De Triomphe then picking up a bike there and riding through the Simplone Park to Castello, Duomo or even just a fun a ride.


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